Request A Dog Day Care Service In London

Royal Paws London offers a friendly dog care service, specially designed to meet all your canine’s needs – from the daily walks to the administering of any required medication. It takes place in the cosy atmosphere of our Dog Care Centre. Under the supervision of experienced and skilful pet carers, your chum will be able to join all the fun doggy activities we offer in the Centre. Our dog day care service is available from early in the morning till late in the evening, so you can choose between many booking options.

Dog Day Care London Includes:

  • Dog walking – as walks are the most essential part of the daily dog exercises, we offer long refreshing walks which number per day depends on the hours you book for dog day care;
  • Short training sessions – we believe skills development is an important part of canine daily care, so we include obedience training methods and teaching new command as a part of the service;
  • Plenty of play time – this is the time for all puppies to socialise with other lovely pets and also people, to have some fun or just chew on doggy toys;
  • Time for a rest – overstimulation could make your canine nervous, so we set some free doggy time for a nap between the dog activities;
  • Water and food will be provided during the stay, regardless of the number of hours you requested for dog day care;
  • Administering of medication, when needed;
  • Pick up and Drop off – depending on our availability, we can also take the doggy from your home and return them back in the end of the day.

Dog Walking London Dogs Love

For the friendly and playful dog walking London canines can count on, you need Royal Paws. Like you, we know that every dog is different, so your canine chum will receive a walk or sitting service that’s been carefully chosen to suit their needs and interests. We know that in an ideal world you’d rather be looking after your dog yourself, but when you just don’t have the time to give him or her a little exercise today, let professional dog walkers take the pressure off you!

Hire Friendly Dog Walkers in London

When you hire us as your dog walking agency in London you’ll be getting work from helpful and outgoing dog sitters and walkers. You’ll get:

  • An individualised plan for your pet, including making sure they’ve got fresh water and food if necessary
  • The complete package – your dog will play games, be thoroughly brushed, and get their favourite spot in you home cleaned
  • Animal care experts who’ve been carefully vetted, and trained by one of the American University’s certified experts
  • Full Public Liability insurance protection, and no agency fees
  • 24/7 customer services and support – so you can call to check up at any time – and service availability 7 days a week
  • Basic behavioural training as part of your service if required!

Little extras – when we’re dog and cat sitting we’ll be happy to water your plants, collect your post and do some light cleaning while we’re here!

Dog Day Care London

Take Advantage Of Our Doggy Day Care

In our Dog Care Centre, your canine have the chance to meet other lovely dogs and spend the day playing with them. This is the best possible way for your puppy to socialise with other pets of their kind and learn how to behave around people and animals. The obedience trainings and doggy sports are another part of our dog day care service that will make your pal a calm and relaxed pet. Beside the group doggy games, we also provide each canine with individual attention – the daily walks, included in the service, are well-organised and make it possible a pet sitter to only take care of a single pet at a time. And what’s more – our Dog Care Centre has enough bedding places for each pup to take a rest, play or just relax.

For an extra charge, your canine can also take advantage of our additional services such as:

  • Dog grooming – groom, bath and brush; nails trimming; ears and eyes cleaning.
  • Doggy events – we organise Birthday parties for dogs in the Care Centre;
  • Online surveillance of your pet while they are with us;
  • Photography sessions and portraits during the stay;

Benefits Of Choosing Us For Dog Day Care In London

Our dog day care service is available seven days a week. We will keep in mind your doggy special requirements, so you can be sure your canine gets all the time and love they deserve. We care for dogs depending on their exercise needs and energy level and we guarantee that after a day spent with us, your chum will be calmer and more easy to be handle with.

London Dog Day Care – Feeding, Care and Attention

You’ll be able to let us know all about any dietary requirements and allergies your dog has, and their favourite and not-so favourite things to do – your friendly dog walking services will be set up to follow your requirements to the letter. Once you’ve given us all these details, we’ll keep them on file so that whenever you call us again in future you won’t have to waste time giving us all of the same information twice!

During the time they’re looking after your dog, the team will take photos so you can join in the fun too! Each London dog walker has been fully and carefully background and reference-checked so you can rest easy while your dog is in their care. You’ll also find that our pet sitting options are ideal when you’re away for an extended period of time. Royal Paws’ fully qualified dog sitters can also take care of any household chores or cleaning you’d like not to be greeting you on your return. You can also extend our service to an overnight option, which is an ideal way to keep security levels high while you’re not at home.


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