Call Royal Paws for Your London Dog Grooming

Your canine companion deserves the best of care. That’s just what he’ll get when you book dog grooming in London with Royal Paws. You’ll be putting him into the expert hands of a qualified and certified dog groomer. The result will be a shiny coat, well kept nails, and and the tidy appearance which signals a well-kept, much loved pet.

Choose the Right Grooming Package for Your Dog

At our grooming parlour you’ll be invited to choose the type of grooming that best suits your dog’s needs: Possibilities include:

Tidy: Start with the basics for a dog who’s not used to a lot of fuss. The groomer will brush his coat, clean and cut his nails, clean his ears, then trim hair around the face and sanitary area.

Tidy with Bath: Like the tidy up but also including a bath. Your dog will look neat and smell sweet!

Bath and Brush: We’ll brush your dog, bath him, clean and clip nails. We’ll also clean around his eyes and ears.

A Full Groom: We’ll brush and bath your dog, clip his coat, clean & trim nails, clean his ears, clip the hair around them and clean around his eyes. Anal cleaning can be incorporated into this service.

Capture the Moment! Follow your grooming service with a doggy photo-shoot, and you’ll have at least one picture of him at his most beautiful best.

If you prefer to groom your own dog but want some professional help with trickier tasks we offer:

Nail trimming: Long nails make it difficult for your dog to walk comfortably and there’s a risk of them catching and tearing. Keeping your dog’s nails short will also protect yourself and your family from accidental scratches.

Nail Grinding: ­ This is another way of keeping nails short. It takes longer than trimming but may be a better option for some dogs. Ask the groomer to tell you about the advantages of grinding and trimming.

Ear Cleaning: ­ Ear problems can be uncomfortable and distressing for your dog. The groomer will clean ears, gently and safely.

Dog Grooming London

Dog Grooming Services To Keep Your Dog Comfortable

Beauty is more than coat deep. Our dog grooming services bring him the benefits of:

  • Improving his general cleanliness.
  • Decreasing the chance of thrush, and other skin problems.
  • An opportunity to check for cuts or swellings, heat, or lameness in limbs.
  • Monitoring for and decreasing skin parasites.
  • Clipping will keep your long-haired dog cooler in the summer.
  • Trimming coats in non-shedding breeds such as poodles is essential for their health and comfort.

Dog Grooming That’s Stress Free for You Too

Organising your dog’s groom is quick and easy. And you’ll be assured of:

  • Getting the right service for your dog’s needs.
  • Grooming completed by a qualified, certified, animal loving dog groomer.
  • Grooming that takes place in an pet friendly environment.
  • The option to stay while your dog is brushed, trimmed or bathed, or to leave him with us and return when he’s bright, smart and clean.

Contact us to find out more about the services available at our dog grooming studio. The price for your pet pampering will depend on what you’d like done, the size of your dog, and the length of his coat. You may be offered a reduced price if you already use us for pet sitting or when you’d like to combine grooming with another service.

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