Pet Sitter Jimmy

Hello, My name is Damyana, though people usually call me Jimmy. Back in Bulgaria I volunteered for several years in an animal shelter. At times this was difficult work, many of the animals that came to us were in poor condition, underfed and frightened. It’s hard not to get drawn in to feeling angry with people who abandon animals but getting angry doesn’t really solve anything and can be a waste of energy that’s better used making things better. It is immensely satisfying to see a dog develop confidence and learn to play and trust, so the work had its joy as well as its sad moments. The most special time was always to see a dog or cat we’d brought back to health went off to a new and loving home. In Bulgaria, as in the UK rescued animals are neutered before being re-homed, so over time there should be less unwanted puppies and kittens.

Here in the UK I work as the team supervisor, and it’s lovely to spend my time with happy, well cared for pets and the people who love them. When I’m not at work with animals I’m also a photographer, and a designer. I design pet toys and beds.