Dariya Royal Paws Team

Hello, I’m Dariya and I’m a part of your dog walking and pet care team. Like my colleagues I’m a life long animal lover and have lots of experience in caring for them. As a child I wanted a dachshund, but the first dog I spent time with was a collie called Larry. He spent a month with us when I was young and then went back to his original owners, I was so devastated when he left that my parents found me Betty, the dashhund of my dreams. She was a lovely dog and what she lacked in size she made up for in attitude, she had an opinion about everything! A few months after Betty arrived Larry’s owners realised they couldn’t really give him the environment he needed and because he’d settled well with us he came back. So for 13 years I had two dogs in my life. Being around two totally different dogs helped me recognise that I just love them all, whatever the breed, size, or character so I’m very much looking forward to meeting your pets.